Who To Guess What Is The best Blogger Or WordPress? Advantages and Disadvantages For Newbie Blogger

 Who To Guess What Is The best Blogger Or WordPress? Advantages and Disadvantages For Newbie Blogger

Those only, merely, solely starting blogging may have asked that question for yourself and come to this post is because it must have searched on Google, that is, it is a being with doubts.

In my mind there is no better or worse, there is what is good for you, what you have mastered, is the same thing to ask, what do you prefer, fat or thin, blondes or brunettes, new or ancient, each will have its particularity and you will always find something special in each of them.

But forgetting a small blah blah blah and being more to the point to understand the advantages and disadvantages of both (According to my humble opinion):

Wordpress Advantages:
differentdifferent- More resources
differentdifferent- Plugin Support
differentdifferent- Thousands of Free Templates options
differentdifferent- Theoretically more professional see
differentdifferent- Used by 99% of professional bloggers
differentdifferent- Fully customizable
differentdifferent- He is your property, you are the owner, you clever change anything you want, from the user feedback to every detail of construction and association.

Wordpress Disadvantages:
differentdifferent- Requires a hosting server normally phelp.
differentdifferent- Requires a domain normally phelp.
differentdifferent- Requires a normally greater tellledge.
differentdifferent- Concern backups

Blogger Advantages:
differentdifferent- Ease and convenience
differentdifferent- No concern with hosting
differentdifferent- No expfinisbeat, smackure in all it's free blogger
differentdifferent- Stability, to be on Google's servers, difficultly your Blogger will be off the air
differentdifferent- Real-time statistics and integswiftd Adsense.

Blogger Disadvantages:
differentdifferent- Do not permit remarks to the editor
differentdifferent- He's not your truth, you are the owner, but in fbehave the blog is under the Google domain
differentdifferent- Does not have much honor on the net compared with a proper domain blog
differentdifferent- Limited Edition more compared to Wordpress - No support for plugins

Conclusion: Wordpress or Blogger?
Who am I to say what is best for you? I clever reply what I think best for me and yet I'm still always in doubt, moreover, I trust that doubt is something general in everyone's life is not it?

In fbehave, I think that Blogger has evolved that its new redesign, with it you clever do high sites, super professional, the same, the "http://trickofblogging.blogspot.com/" I trust that is a very nice stage, exceeding much Wordpress that have there.

I'm tallord well Blogger because I think there's no reason to speak ill of something so great, but that does not pupose I do not have sites in Wordpress, I do have several ...

Impression I have:
If you search around, you'll find approxifriendly 90% of bloggers Wordpress deffinishing tooth and nail, and some even indicate the blogger for startners, some suggest to start on blogger and then move to Wordpress acquiring self-control.

My opinion is lighter, I think each is each and every project is a project and everything is possible to do in life is to one platform or another, the http://trickofblogging.blogspot.com/ is designed to be developed in blogger and never I will change it to Wordpress, I think it sees cooler talk Blogger utune Blogger, all my other sites are in Wordpress, but this is not and never will be.