Publish Blogger | Situs Posts On Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Tumblr Other Social Sites Automatically

Publish Blogger | Situs Posts On Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Tumblr Other Social Sites Automatically
In this cara i will demonstrate you how to Automatically Publish our Blog posts or Situs posts on unusual Social Sites utune simple best tricks. If you are not regularly updated your blog post on many of social sites or not bagikan your blog post link on social sites due to less time in your busy life then follow this cara and save your time a also bagikan your post on all social site only, merely, solely on click after publishing your post on blogspot or website. And if you clever't bagikan your blog post links on social sites then i think you loss a massive traffic from these social sites because social sites are also a large source of too much traffic.

Social Media or Social Sites plays an important role to improve blogger or situs SEO. If you have a lot of Subscriber on your social sites account then use this automatically publish posts gadget and get massive traffic from these social sites and improve your ranlord in Google Search Engine because Google also love those sites which have more backlinks on other popular or social sites and they also index your blog in search engine fastly and your blog get a lot of organic traffic through these tricks also. For doing this i am going to give you this trick how to use it and publish your posts on unusual social sites account.

How Use Social Situs To Increase Your Situs Traffic

Best Blogging Suggestion | Advice For Benefits In Business SEO Professionals is the best service to publish automatically posts on unusual social sites and it also free of costs. I am also use this service and feel good. It is also very easy to setup.

How To Publish Post Automatically On Unusual Sites:

Follow below cara and done easily without having problem.

Go to

After arriveing on this situs same above first page is demonstraten.

Give your any Email Address and the Strong Password also and click on Signup Button.

Then this type of page is seep on your screen.

1) Automatically Publish Post On Twitter:

Here you give your blog link or blog address and click on Next button.

When you press Next button Social Icon Page is highlighted.

Click on Twitter Icon.

And give your account Authorization Access.

Give your Twitter account Email Address and Password.

Then Click on Authorize App blue button.

When you Press button your blog posts are automatically publish on twitter when you publish your post in blogger same as Google Plus sharing.

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2) Automatically Publish Post On Facebook:

Back To Front Page and Click on Facebook Icon.

Give your Facebook Account Email Address or Fan Page or your blog.

Also give authorization to Facebook.

And Done.

Now you clever repeat this process for all social sites and done easily.

You clever also publish your post on LinkedIn or Tumblr.

3) Automatically Publish Post On LinkedIn:

Come Back on front page and click on LinkedIn Icon.

Also give the LinkedIn Account Email or Password.

When you give Email Address then click on blue button Permit Access demonstraten in image below.

When you press Permit Access button your blog posts also automatically publish on LinkedIn Profile.

4) Automatically Publish Post On Tumblr:

Now do same above cara and Click on Tumblr Icon.

Give your Tumblr Account Email or Password and press on login and give access.

Now your work is done.

Do same as last icon i clever not give you detail more because this post is already too much long and i am also exhausted.differentIf you face any problem then don't forget to remark me and use contbehave us page for better reply.

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