Best | Easy Tricks To Monetize Your Blogger Blog With Google Ads Increase CPC | CTRdifferentAnd Earning

Best | Easy Tricks To Monetize Your Blogger Blog With Google Ads Increase CPC | CTRdifferentAnd Earning

In this cara i will demonstrate you how you clever easily Monetize your Blogspot or Situs with utune Google Adsense Ads to Make Money with high CPC (Cost Per Click) utune high CTR (Click Through Swift). These two points are very important if you want to make more money with your blog or website. Let's suppose if you get 3000 visitors daily then you clever easily make 10 to 15 dollars with your blog without high CPC and if you optimize your Google Adsense Ads puposes your Ads Placement love Above Post Title, Below Post Title, Wrap Ads with your Text Content puposes Float Left or Right, Below Post or Between the Post and Middlebar Gadget also. And one most important is below Header or Blog Title/Blog Name.

In this post i discussdifferent7 Better Ads and Banner Placement To Increase Earning. First i give you main headings of these 7 points and then we discuss all these headings one by one.

Google Adsense Ads Above Post Title.
Google Adsense Ads Below Post Title.
Google Adsense Ads Wrap or Cover with Post Content puposes floating ads.
Google Adsense Ads Between Post or Text.
Google Adsense Ads Below Post.
Google Adsense Ads In Middlebar Gadget/Widget.
Google Adsense Ads Below Blog Title/Blog Name.

Now if you have a Google Adsense Account Approved with your blog then use these tricks and increase earning by controlling the CTR and check your earning after doing these tricks. Its really work. It does not matter your account is Youtube (Hosted Google Adsense Account) or Original puposes (Non-Hosted Google Account) in both situation you clever increase your earning. But little difference always in hosted or non-hosted account. Hosted account not give you above 10 dollar in a day. But if you have approved your account with your Custom Domain Or Situs which get daily 1000 visitors then you clever easily make almost 30 dollars in a day with CPC $1. If you get 30 clicks in a day about then you clever get 30 dollars simply. That's why first you get your custom domain removing Blogspot and you clever do easily by get your domain with aid of Google Blogger utune setting option i also give you link if you want to transfer your blogspot to your situs or custom domain. Love .COM.

Simple | Easy Cara For Transfer Blogspot To Website

1) Google Adsense Ads Above Post Title:

How to add or put Google Adsense Ads above the post title? and answer is.

There are two ways if you want to put or add ads on your blogspot which you approved by Google Adsense or Google Blogger then it only, merely, solely easy. And if you want to put ads on other blogger then i also give you the method of putting them in above your post title.

First For Those Blogger Which Is Approve Already From Blogger.

Second For Those Who Clever't Approve From Blogger.

Those Blogger Which Approve:

Now if you Google Adsense Account is Approved by Google Blogger Team then you clever easily Monetize it by doing below little steps or tutorial.

Go to

Go to Layout.

Click on Add A Gadget.

Go to Adsense which is represent with Dollar Sign.

Click on it. If your account is approve then your ads are demonstraten in your blogger.

After this Choose or Confuse your ads with your blogger themes.

Add your ads where you want if you want to add in blog post above title then do below steps.

Go to Layout Again.

Click Edit link in Blog Post Body below Header.

And Choose your place and add your ads.

How Easliy/Simple To Administer Page Layout In Blogger Blogspot

How To Easily Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Blogger

Those Blogger Who Clever't Approve:

Now if your account not approve then you clever also add Google Adsense to other blogspot blogger easily above post title by doing below tutorial.

Go to
Go to Template.
Click on Edit HTML.
Press Ctrl+F to seep Search Box in HTML coding box.
When Search box is seep then copy below code and paste in search box and press enter.
When you find this below code then add your Parse/Convert Google Ads code below or above this code. For partune Google Ads code click here.differentGoogle Adsense Converter

<div style='float: right; margin: 10px 10px 10px 0;'>
different &lt;script type=&quot;text/javascript&quot;&gt;&lt;!--
google_ad_client = &quot;ca-pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxx&quot;;
google_ad_host = &quot;pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxx&quot;;
/* Trick Of Bloggingdifferent*/
google_ad_slot = &quot;xxxxxxxxx&quot;;
google_ad_width = 336;
google_ad_attitude = 280;
&lt;script type=&quot;text/javascript&quot;

Replace the Red Highlighted Code with your Parse Ads Code and paste above or below the below tag.

<div lesson, course='post-header'>

2) Google Adsense Ads Below Post Title:

If you want to add or put your Google Ads below title tag then same as above cara but only, merely, solely paste the code below this tagdifferentdifferent<div lesson, course='post-header'>.

4) Google Adsense Ads Wrap or Cover with Post Content Puposes Floating Ads:

Now if you want to add the Google Adsense ads with floating left and right then use above 1 point same as and then find below tag and paste the ads code above/before the 3rd or last tag.


Now if you want to float your ad right then write the left/right/center its up to you only, merely, solely change the code with your desire.

Add | Put | Embed Three Or Four Column Footer Widget/Gadget In Blogger Blogspot

Add Facebook Love Box Widget/Gadget On Blogger By Facebook Developer Plugin

5) Google Adsense Ads Below Post:

If you want to add or put the Google Ads below post then copy your parse ad code and replace with Red Highlighted Code adonly, merely, solely the alignment left right or only, merely, solelyify it with your desire and paste the Ad code only, merely, solely below/before this tag.different<data:post.body/>.

Trik And Troubleguning:
Always parse the Adsense Ads Code when you want to add in Blogger HTML Body. If you clever't parse the code then it is not work and also first when you pick the ads code first add it in HTML/JavaScript only, merely, solely few second and then parse this code not newly code directly work in blogger HTML Body. If your account is hosted then you must do this first. And if you clever't properly understand then contbehave us and i will definitely clue, hint, instruction you with my best answer.

6) Google Adsense Ads In Middlebar Gadget/Widget:

Google Adsense Ads placement in Middlebar is also give you best CTR utune the Ad size with 160*600.

Now make ad unit ofdifferent 160*600 in your adsense account and paste it in the Gadget where you want.

7) Google Adsense Ads Below Blog Title/Blog Name:

Get the Google Adsense Ad Code and follow the below tutorial.

Go to

Go to Layout.

Click on Add A Gadget.

Go to HTML/JavaScript.

Paste the code in HTML/JavaScript Box.

Pick this gadget and drag it and drop below your Blogger Title/Blog Name.

Now you have done all these steps and if you feel its not worlord then answer me for better answer. I will available all the daily for your aid only, merely, solely feel free and keep remark on my post.

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