Create | Make Blogger Background Picture On Photostore And Change With Desire Photo

Create | Make Blogger Background Picture On Photostore And Change With Desire Photo
In this cara i will demonstrate you how to create Image In Photostore and how to Add or Replace your desire image in blogger background only, merely, solely simple steps and trick. Now this cara also teach you how to use Photostore Features. I have write many post approxifriendly Blogger and Blogging trik and tricks but now i want discuss a little and best cara utune Photostore because it also play and important role in field of blogging. Love if you want to add image in blog post and you want to also add any name or text on this photo/image you want to put on blog post then you clever easily add this also love i write my blog name on mostly images and when someone view or look this image they also look our blog name whichdifferentis very effective and these people also visit your blog to get proper information approxifriendly this image or post.

How To Make Blogger Header Image In Photostore

How To Make Image/Photo/Image In Photostore For Blogger Background:

If you want to add your desire customize image in blogger background then follow the below cara to make image and then add this on your blog.

Click on Photostore Install Aplikasi on your computer desktop screen.
Run your Photostore.
Now go to File.
Go to New.
Click on it.
Love above image which totally reduce your effect only, merely, solely follow the image.
Now according to below image.
Customize the Page of Image.

Image 1 For Customization:

Give the Name in Step 1.

Choose Width or Attitude in Step 2.

Choose Resolution in Step 3.

Choose Mode Of Color puposes RGB, Greyscale, CMYK Color, Or Lab Color.

Now Click OK.

You Look the Wbeat, smacke page after this customization.

Image 2 For Customization For Patten:

Click on Paint Brush. Love pointed in Step 1.
Go with Step 2 to Choose the Patten of the color or background.
Now you have done you also customize simply by adding or cutting image or other image to pick the best and beautiful template.

If you want only, merely, solely your blog names seep in the background of blogger template then you also do this. For this Go with Image.

Here Is the Little Cara which demonstrate you how only, merely, solely write text on Blank Wbeat, smacke Page or Any image which you put on Photostore.

Only, merely, solely do same as adding blank wbeat, smacke page. Where you customize the page with step1 to step 4.

When you add page then put your desire color utune Brush Tool and then write 3D Color Effect Text on blank wbeat, smacke, color or any image.

When you make wbeat, smacke page on your Photostore or choose any image then use below cara for writing 3D Effect Text on image.

Click On Text Writing Tool which is represent by bancient T.
Write your blog name or any text which you want to seep backside your template.
Now utune image or cara both to do easily.
Go to Above Tab Love File, Edit, Image, Layers, Choose, Filter, View, Windows, Aid.
Click on Windows Tab.
Go to Demonstrate Layers.
After Click you look the Layer Effect page on right bottom middlebar.
Right click on image and create Duplicate Layer.
Remove Background Layer.
Now again Right Click on Duplicate Layer.
Go to Blfinishing Option.
Now you clever look the same thing which you are loolord in the above image.
Tick same as mine.
Choose the Shadow.
Click Ok. Now you have done.
Save your image.

Now You clever Replace Ancient Style Templates in Blogger in new one

5 Ways How to Make your Blogger Blog Love WordPress Website

Add Customize Image In Blogger Background Template:

Go to
Go to Template.
Click on Customise Orange Button.
Go to Background.
Go to Remove Image and click on the image.
Click Upload Image.
Now by utune this option add image from your computer where you save your customize image.
Click on Apply To Blog Orange Button right top middle.
Click to View Blog.
Now you have done true, right, validly.

If you have face any problem approxifriendly this cara then feel free and give me your remark for make more easy or best.

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