Create | Make | Add | Set 404 Wrong Page In Blogger Blogspot Easily

Create | Make | Add | Set 404 Wrong Page In Blogger Blogspot Easily
In this cara i will demonstrate you how you clever easily Add or Create 404 Wrong Page in your Blog. This wrong is drop very bad effect on your blog because visitors clever not visit your blog or situs properly and they left your blog from this page. To setup this page follow my simple cara with best tricks. Blogging is one of the best way to introduce yourself that's why keep blogging with full of joy and make you a perfect blogger. For adding this page on your blog i write a little cara for you which aid to add this amazing thin on your blog housepage.

What Is 404 Wrongs:

404 Wrong then create if some one visit your blog with your blog link and after your link some keywords are written. This is not effect on your blog health for SEO (Search Engine Optimization Ranlord) but it effect on blog readers. If you set this then your visitors are not go without visiting your blog properly.

Best Blogger Trik And Tricks For My Blog SEO Instantly

Add 404 Wrong Page In Your Search Preferences:

For adding this 404 Wrong Page follow below cara and work according to which i write. By adding this your visitors also report you approxifriendly your 404 Wrong utune your Contbehave Us Page. Also you give the house page link in the Wrong Page by click on this link your visitors come on your blog house page.

Add | Make Approxifriendly Us Page Widget | Gadget On Your Blog Footer Or Middlebar

Customise Blogger Default Template To Make Professional Template

Add | Put | Embed Three Or Four Column Footer Widget/Gadget In Blogger Blogspot

Go to

Go to Settings.

Go to Search Preferences.

Click on Edit. Look below image/image.

Now pick/copy the below code and paste in the Custom Page Not Found Box after further customization in your 404 Wrong page.

<!-- TOB Default Template -->
<div lesson, course='TOB-404-box'>
different<p style='line-attitude: 30px'><strong>
<font color='#ff0000' size='5'>
Oops What Happen!
</font> <font color='#666666'>
My Blog Reader you click a broken link or a page which is removed from this blog now. Please Do any one of the Following.
different<ol style='line-attitude: 25px'>
differentdifferent<li><a href='javascript:hitale, narrative.go(-1)'>&#171; Go Back</a> </li>
differentdifferent<li>Contbehave Us to Report this problem <a href=''>Click Here</a>&#160;&#160;&#160; (<em>This will aid us to serve you even better</em>) </li>
differentdifferent<li>Go To Housepage by <a href=''>Click Here</a>
different<p align='center'><font color='#0080ff' style='font-size: 150px'><strong>404</strong></font></p>
different<p align='center'/>
different<p align='center'><font size='5'>Page Not Found</font></p>


Customize the some Features:

Change the Red Highlighted Color Text with your desire text. Oops What Happen.

Change the Orange Highlighted Color Text with your desire text.

Change the Blue Highlighted Color link with your own Contbehave Us Page link.

Change the Grey Highlighted Color link with your own Blog Housepage Link.

Change the Pink Highlighted Color Text with your own desire words. Page Not Found.

Now your half work is done.

Now Go to Template.

Go to Edit HTML.

In the HTML Body Box.

Press Ctrl+F to find the below code/tag.


Paste this above code in the search box and press enter.

When you find this code.

Copy the below CSS Style sheet Code and paste it below/after this code/tag.

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;wrong_page&quot;'>
<style type='text/css'>
.status-msg-wrap {
differentdifferentfont-size: 100%;
differentdifferentmargin: none;
differentdifferentposition: static;
differentdifferentwidth: 100%;
.status-msg-border {
.status-msg-body {
differentdifferentpadding: none;
differentdifferentposition: static;
differentdifferenttext-align: inherit;
differentdifferentwidth: 100%;
differentdifferentz-index: auto;
.status-msg-wrap a {
differentdifferentpadding: none;
differentdifferenttext-decoration: inherit;
.TOB-404-box {
differentmargin:10px 0px;
differentpadding:20px 10px;
differentborder:1px solid #ddd;
differentbox-shadow: 5px 5px 5px #CCCCCC;

Now if you want to change the Background Color of your box then change the #B27D00

Save your Template.

Now you have done all work.

Now if you want to check it is worlord or not write any keywords after your blog housepage link.

If you want to ask any question approxifriendly this or approxifriendly Blogger SEO, Blogger Verification, WordPress, WordPress SEO, Make Money, Blogging Trik, Webmasters Tool Cara then only, merely, solely contbehave us utune contbehave us page and feel free.

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