How Remove Photos/Pictures Border In Simple Or Awesome Inc Templates Blogger

How Remove Photos/Pictures Border In Simple Or Awesome Inc Templates Blogger
This cara is how remove, change, delete border or outline around images or photos in blog post with Simple and Awesome Templates in Best trick to administer blog images border line easily to make changes in Templates. If you are utune ancient interface blog template or custom template then i have already write a post approxifriendly it if you want to do this then check the link in this you clever administer ancienter interface blogger template easily with adding code in blogger HTML coding.

How I Remove Or Change Blogger Post Image Border In Blogspot .

I have two main points or steps to removing or changing images borders in the blog post in Simple Templates. First method is how to remove the image border utune Template Designer and next is how to remove the photo, images, images border line manually by changing the HTML code in the blogger templates.

Trick No#1 Remove Image/Photos/Images Border line utune Template Designer:
Go to

Go Template.

Click On the Customize Orange Highlighted Button.

Go to Advanced and click to Advanced link.

Go to Images and click here.

Now you clever look three color box.

Background Color.
Border Color.
Caption Text Color.

Where you clever look the wbeat, smacke arrow head click here to transparent the background of blog template.

When you click here you clever look wbeat, smacke box write with Transparent Tick it.

Now go to Border Color and also transparent it by checlord the box.

Now next box is Caption Text Color if you give the images caption for better SEO for this you clever administer the color of the caption text but it is normally black.

Click Apply to Blog to save your template changes.

Click to view blog and check out any post your blog post image border is disseep.

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Trick No#2 Changes Or Remove Images Border Outline By Changing HTML Code Manually:

In this trick you clever only, merely, solely replace one code to make these changes and your all blog post images or images border is disseep and which you post in future then this also work in these post.

Go to

Go to Template.

Click To Edit HTML. if you have not aware new interface of Blogger HTML then click this link and read approxifriendly more for make easily changes in your template also. How I Clever Grip New Interface Of Blogger HTML Editor

First Get Back up your Blogger Template.

Find the code which is given below to find this code easily press Ctrl+F in between coding box.

Paste below code in it and press enter and your code is highlighted.

<Variable name="image.border.color" description="Border Color" type="color" default="transparent" value="#cccccc"/>

When you find the above code then replace it with below code perfectly to make better changes otherwise your template give Error after error pasting code.

<Variable name="image.border.color" description="Border Color" type="color" default="transparent" value="transparent"/>

I will transparent the border of your blog post images. Now save your changes of blog template and view your blog post to look images border no longer. I have some beautiful and useful article for make blog better in Search Engine. Lot of tricks approxifriendly malord money, getting backlinks, unusual types of widgets, Facebook Button, Facebook Page, Twitter Updates Widget, Blogger SEO Cara and many many more.

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