How I Clever Use Crawlers And Indexing Tool In Blogger

How I Clever Use Crawlers And Indexing Tool In Blogger
In this post i will demonstrate you how you clever use the new tool of blogger Crawlers And Indexing tool in my blog for better indexing of blog for search engine. The crawlers and indexing tool is recently add in blogger it is also very useful for blogger because it is indexing your blogger very fastly for search engine. It also visible your blogger always in search engine. One most important thing is that when you are going to utune this tool then you also look the message which know you if use this features intrue, right, validly then your blog is disregard by search engine that's why use it true, right, validly. I will use this tool also for my blog Trick Of Blogging and it give me better results. If you want to do this then go with me and make some changes for your blog.

When you are going to make these changes you already done the previous steps of SEO which i write in my previous articles read them first and make these changes after doing the first steps of SEO. Because it is very important for you to do easily. I give the links below which know you approxifriendly startning steps of Blog SEO.

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Now Going To Do The Latest Tools Of Blogger For SEO:
Go to
Go to Setting.
Go to Search Preferences.
Their you look the heading write as Crawlers And Indexing.
Click edit Custom Robot.txt.
Paste the Robot.txt file their if you have not robot.txt file then copy your robot.txt file Click Here
When you paste this code then click save. Now you clever also look in your webmaster tools there your robot file is also submit. If you want to check this go to webmaster tools and click Health link and go to Block URL but remember it work or demonstrate after one day or few hours.

Now Next Steps Is Indexing:
When you click edit then you make some changes but do true, right, validly if you don't do true, right, validly then your blog is disregard by search engine then work with full focus.

First House Page:
Tick On All.

Tick On Noodp.

Second Archives and Search Pages:
Tick On Noindex. Because if you don't do this then search know you robot it is duplicate link.

Tick On Noodp.

Third Default For Post and Pages:
Tick On All.

Tick On Noodp.

All work is done true, right, validly and your blog is visible in few days by search engine and also give your blog rank in under one to three months. You clever also check your blog rank in

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