How To Set | Select | Choose | Change Desire Blog Post Date And Time In Blogger

I am gona show you how to Change or Set Blog Post Date and Time in blogger blogspot. To customize the blog post simply using small tutorial and make blog post beautiful by selecting daily or weekly its up to you. Now if you want to show your blog post with arrangement to make perfect then you use this feature. Publish On feature on right hand side of your post page is for that if you have miss some days or forget to write post then make changes and return back your post on that date which you want.

Setup A Different Date Of Your Blog Post:

In we set date easily. Blogger allow a Blog Administrator or Webmaster to set any publication date for a post which they choose. For setting up there are many reason for set a particular publishing date for a blog post. To keep continuity with  sequence for blog articles we use this feature. You also use this feature if you forget to write a post/articles with sequence or you can decide afterwards to add an extra article to the sequence. When we start blogging on our blog we always forget to make About Author Page in blog and after we decide to set up them. It also take you several years back if you want.

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Tips And Troubleshooting:

  • I suggest you to setup the About Page Date first because it appears first at the beginning of your RSS feeds.
  • Remember when you are posting with changing date that the post will still appear in your recent posts Rss Feeds even you setup this post date in past.

How To Setting Up User Defined Publish Date In Blogger Blogspot:

  1. Create a new post of your blog as usual.
  2. Click on the Published On.
  3. Set your desire Date or Time like below picture/image.
  4. Click on Done Link.
  5. Click Update Orange Button.
  6. And preview your blog post it is list in those post where you want.
How To Set | Select | Choose | Change Desire Blog Post Date And Time In Blogger
How To Set | Select | Choose | Change Desire Blog Post Date And Time In Blogger
In this post you will learn how to select or changes the desire post date or time. I have also a big and detailed tutorial about how to make money from blog or website, Blogger SEO Tips and Tricks, Alexa Ranking, Google Page Rank, Get Backlinks, Make Internal links, Get lot of visitors on your blog by Search Engine Optimization, Submitting sitemap of blog or website to Google Search Engine or Major Search Engine.

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