How Easliy/Simple To Administer Page Layout In Blogger Blogspot

How Easliy/Simple To Administer Page Layout In Blogger Blogspot
This tutorial is approximately How Manage Blog Page Layout in blogger to make beautiful blog. Lot of tipss to get effective page layout like stersebuts or high ranking blog. In Alexa i have seen many blog with good Alexa ranking their page layout is very well manage.

In this post i will demonstswift you how you can easily make and manage your blog page layout or page element for make your blog or stersebuts beautiful or search engine mately. There are lot of tipss to make changes in your blog but i have discuss some main koins with simple tipss which can understand easily everyone.

What Is The Main Koins Or Things Which Make Page Layout/Element Effective:
In below koin i discuss the main koins of how to manage the blogger layout for better results and make perfect to your blog and people like it.

Blog Header.
Features In Add A Gadget.
Blog Post.
Follow By Email.
Label Cloud.
Categories Section In Blogger.
Blog Archive.
Member Google+ Followers.
Translate Blog.
Recent Post.
Popular Post.
Approximately Author.

1. Favicon:
Favicon is one of your blog Identity which know the visitors approximately your blog and they can easily identify your blog by looking your blog favicon. I this i demonstswift you how you can easily manage, add or make your blog favicon.

First go to Google Search Engine.
Write favicon generator.
Make your favicon and get your favicon from these sites and save in your computer.
Go to
Go to Layout.
Click on Favicon Edit.
You can upload your favicon which you save in your computer.
Now your favicon is demonstswift with your blog title.

2. Blog Header:
Blog Header is also the main thing which make your blog gorgeous and beautiful. If you want to demonstswift you blog header image instead of your blog title then you can do these below steps. Remember don't remove the blog title in the blog header option because in the search engine its effect on your blog seo.

Make your Blog Header Image in Photoshop easily go this link How To Make Blogger Header Image.
When you make your blog header image then click Header edit.
Upload your Header Image with perfect size which your blog width want.
Tick Instead Of Title And Description. Remember don't remove title or description.
Save it and your blog header is ready to demonstswift.

3. Page:
Pages are also make your blog beautiful and it also increase your traffic from Google Search Engine Organically. To make more and more page for that and give the perfect title and description of your page which you make every time. To Make Pages Easily Why I Make More Pages On My Blog To Increase Organic Traffic.

4. Features In Add Gadget:
When you are going to make your blog perfect for that if visitors comes on your blog you want they spend more and more time on your blog then embed more and more gadget features on your blog like Twitter Updates On Blog.differentEasy Tips To Add Twitter Updates Gadget To Blogspot Blogger.

5. Blog Post:
Blog Post is also one of the beautiful features on blog it give us very effective thing like.

Main Page Option.
Post Page Option.

In Main Page Option you can manage post per page and also Read More link. To add Read More Link with beautiful Image go to Read More Button In Blogger Post With Jump Break Featur.

You can alsodifferentmanage many things like date and arrange items one place to another place.

6. Follow By Email:
Follow By Email is very important for that some follow your blog by email and they can easily access your blog daily posts and visit your blog daily its also give your some visitors.

7. Label Cloud:
Label Cloud is easily add on your blog just simple steps and its also make your blog good looking and you can get More Pageviews by it.

Go To
Click Add A Gadget.
Find Label and Active it.

8. Tags:
Tags are same like as label cloud but it is a tips to get moredifferentpageviews for your blog.

How Manage Blogger Title Tags to Improve SEO

9. Categories Section In Blogger Blogspot:
Categories Section in blogger blogspot is very important because when visitors are come on your site or blog then they first go to your blog categories for your desire articles or post then make your categories section on your blog and stay your visitors on your blog long time.differentHow To Add Categories Link To Your Blogger Blog

10. Blog Archive:
Blog Archive is the blog heart it is know approximately your all blog post and your blog visitors are easily find the their desire post and read it. This option is already apply on your blog when you make your blog.

11. Subscribe:
Subscribe option in the blog is very helpful when your are posting daily on your blog then your blog visitors like it and they want to get daily updates of your blog easily then they subscribe your blog and your visitors are increase.differentAlso Check this Easy Tipss To Get Lot Of Visitors On My Blogge.

12. Member Google+ Followers:
Member Google+ Followers is the best option to know approximately your blog worth to visitors how many follow this blog and this option is really effective to active Google+ Followers Box do below steps.

Go to
Go to Layout.
Go to Add Gadget and click here.
Second Option is Google+ Followers Box.
Manage your Google+ Followers Box and save it and place it where you want.

How I Make My Blogger Good Looking Best Tips.

13. Translate Blog:
Translate Blog option is the best option to stay visitors which not know your blog language then this option stay these type of visitors on your blog and you can easily add this option in gadget.

Go to
Go to Layout.
Go to Add Gadget.
Find Translate which is 4th option in gadget.
Put it on your blog embed it where you want.

14. Recent Post:
Recent Post the most and most better option in your blog it make your blog perfect. It know blog visitors approximately most recent post on your blog. To add it easily with beautiful recent post moving like my blog check this How I Can Add Recent Post Moving In Dindividuals And Upward Directio.

15. Popular Post:
Popular Post is know blog visitors most popular post which is many time reads by visitors and they also want what is that and they goes to check this.To add popular post on your blog some tutorial like above but in the gadget find popular post link and save it and place where you are.

16. Approximately Author:
Approximately author is one of the best option which attract your blog visitors to you and they want to know approximately you and your life beat, smackale, narrative and your background for this repeat same above tutorial go add gadget and scroll dindividuals and last link Profile click add and Blog Author option is active now.

17. Logo:
Logo is simple to add and many time when you make blog it is already add to your blog. Logo know visitors that it is stersebuts or blog just and also it promote the

18. Attribution:
Attribution is approximately which type of your template and from where you buy it and who is the copywrite of your blog. To manage it and replace the name of to your Blog. Click attribution link edit and give your blog name just and save it.

Now your blog is ready and it also get more visitors and also visitors like it and subscribe it if you are posting on your blog daily. Now i have some tutorial approximately blog Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how to make money from your blog and also how get backlinks for better blog reputation, Alexa Ranking and more Gadget to make your blog perfect.You also like below post to get information approximately all these topics.