How I Can Make Internal Links In The Blog Post To Increase Rank

This tutorial is about to make internal links in between post. Blogging tricks are very important to increase Google rank when you optimize your blog for better rank then this trick is very effective. I have already write very much post related to this problem some people comments me how we increase Google rank i really appreciate them and tell him use this tutorial to solve this problem.

When we optimize our blog for better Search Engine Optimization then these links very effective but
i am going to tell you about best and simple way to create internal links. Which also increase your page rank and Alexa rank.

When i start blogging then i realize the internal links are best way to make your blog perfect and also get more pageviews and original traffic from Google. Because Google increase rank those website which have more internal links and backlinks.

Now Let's Start The Tutorial:

When you start blogging then keep in mind you should make more internal links and backlinks. The best way to increase internal link is repeat your post in the blog post which you want publish. When you are going to publish your post then save your links which you have already publish. Save links on your notepad file and when you going to publish your post give your link in these post which you are going to publish.

How To Make Internal Links:

  • Go to
  • Go to New post.
  • Write your post which you want to publish now.
  • Pick up your save links and put then in your post.
  • You can easily put internal link your post by using the link tools.
  • When you are writing your post pick link which are related to your post which you are going to publish.
  • Give the perfect title of your post.
  • When your doing this then you have see to links Open in New tab and Add "rel=nofollow'.
  • Tick the 'rel=nofollow' because Google crawler don't save duplicate content of your post.
  • When you done this then submit your blog post in sitemap in webmaster tools.

Submit Sitemap

When you submit sitemap then your blog is perfect and you done this with your all blog post later.
Your blog is get rank in one or two months it also take three months.
Your blog is ready to get more pageviews and original traffic from Google.

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