How I Can Run And Float Text Line On My Blog For News Or Other Thing

This tutorial and trick you will learn about how you can easily run a text on your blog for some latest news or highlight your message. This is very simple tutorial which i make for you. This trick is use to highlight your news or message which you want to show visitor first when they visit your website or blog. When you working on your blog with deeply mind then you should it go on rank or visitor comes on your blog if it not work then you are worried about it and you also want that visitor remember your site or blog in his/her mind and that trick is really work for this. I have many code for floating text which you can apply your own site easily to highlight your message or latest news.

Now Let's Start The Tutorial:

When you are writing the text in the given query its up to you which effective news or message you post in the floating text. If you want to attract visitor on your site then you should update your news or message daily.

The following code is given below which works in different ways.

First Code Is Just Simply Scorlling:

  1. <marquee> Here Is Your News/Message </marquee>
  2. If you want to do more and different changes then you can  try this
  3. <marquee bgcolor="#ffffff"> Here Is Your News/Message </marquee>
  4. Replace the yellow highlight words with other keyword to change the color of your text background.

Second Code Is For Direction Of Words Where They Move:

  1. <marquee direction="right" bgcolor="#ffffff"> Here Is Your News/Message </marquee>
  2. If you want to change the direction of words then try this.
  3. <marquee> direction="up" bgcolor="#ffffff"> Here Is Your News/Message </marqee>
  4. Replace the yellow highlight up words with others keywords to change the direction of your text. Like

  • Left
  • Right
  • Up
  • Down

Third Where Is The Code Place:

When you completely make your text line then follow the below steps to embed/put on your blog.

Go to
Go to Layout.
Click Add Gadget.
Go to HTML/Javascript.
Paste your code there and select your place where your run your news.

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